Playlist: Down the Rabbit Hole

I've had a very eclectic mix of musical fixations lately. After coming off a four month stint of listening to pretty much exclusively soul & blues, I went back to my comfort genre of trending future electronic and hip-hop, then there were a few days of early Lady Gaga and Kanye albums followed by an entire week of strictly, unapologetically passionate flamenco music. However this... this playlist... is just about everything. 

My appreciation for 1960s and 1970s culture is no fleeting obsession I'd like to note, as I feel like I've been living with my heart halfway in those decades since I was first introduced to the flowing hair, free loving state of mind. This playlist though, clocking in at a whopping 80 total tracks, has really taken me back and honestly just helped me see my daily activities with a fresh pair of eyes. An absolutely flawless mix of classic and psychedelic rock, with an ingenious twist of vintage bossanova jams, will really take you down a rabbit hole of great, enlightened vibes. Enjoy!